Innocent Sinners

from by Jesse Brewster



A bluegrass/folk coming of age tale set in the south with soaring harmonies and rich imagery


We checked our consciences at the front door
Grabbed our bags and stepped inside
Never thought about the ramifications
Just there to have a good time

13 and bored on our summer vacation
Left out in the morning, “don’t come back ‘til suppertime”
Mercury soared as the streetlights came on
Then Kelsey and John came through with that cheap booze in a box

Pour the wine for the innocent sinners
Never meant to cause no strife
Seeking refuge in the house of the father
‘Cause he won’t judge us in this life

Nowhere to go outside of St. Luke’s on the West side
Just looking for a place that we could all call our own
Between the pews popped the corks and got our fill
Under the glow of the stained glass from the setting sun

Light a candle for the innocent sinners
Never knowing wrong from right
Taking refuge in the house of the father
On that sweaty southern night

We checked our consciences at the front door
Just pleading blissful ignorance
Never thought about the ramifications
But actions lead to consequence

Froze in our tracks at the voice of Father Murphy
Between the fear and the shame I can’t decide which is worse
We fled the scene though we knew he saw our faces
Yes there would be hell to pay but at least not tonight

Have forgiveness for the innocent sinners
Trust ain’t given, must be earned
Sacrilege in the house of the father
Hope in hell our souls won’t burn


from March of Tracks, released August 26, 2014
Jesse Brewster - lead and backing vocals, 6 string banjo, percusion
James DePrato - bass, high strung acoustic, baritone and electric guitars
Alan Hertz - drums
Mike Emerson - organ and keys
Melissa Phillips - backing vocals

Produced by James DePrato with Jesse Brewster
Engineered, mixed and edited by Alan Hertz
Additional editing by Will Evankovich
Mastered by Justin Weiss at Trakworx



all rights reserved


Jesse Brewster San Francisco

Coming off the critical success of his last album,Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall, San Francisco singer-songwriter/ guitarist Jesse Brewster is taking a different approach this time: one single per month for 12 months, leading to the release of his new album.
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  • Aug 19
    San Rafael, CA

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