Can't Keep a Good Man Down

from by Jesse Brewster



Infectious, huge funk groove lays the foundation for this irreverent, guitar based jam. This song above all else musically is just fun. The rich backbeat of soulful bass and drums push the catchy twangy guitar to the forefront. To anyone who's ever heard the word 'no', over and over again and kept pushing forward with the fight, "Can't Keep a Good Man Down" is an anthem for you. No matter how grim things might look, no matter how many times doors get slammed in your face, you find the strength to keep trying.


I been kicked in the teeth and left for dead
Been a piñata for a gang of thugs
I been stripped of my dignity more times than I can count
Been a romantic deprived of love

I’ve seen the bottom of the barrel never known the top
Treading water deep down in a well
I seen the bad side of good and the worse side of pain
I got a timeshare on the edge of hell

But ain’t no stoppin’ me
Can’t keep a good man down

I traded nickels for my dollars, turned my happiness to sorrows
Every deal I ever made was raw
I got a nasty way of losing everything
Worst kind of gambler that you ever saw

My odds are never gettin’ even, got nobody that believes in
Any dream that I dare to chase
I put my best foot forward and it keeps coming back
Cause failure’s staring me in the face

But ain’t no stoppin’ me
Can’t keep a good man down


from March of Tracks, released August 26, 2014
Jesse Brewster - lead vocals and guitars
Dante Roberson - drums
Uriah Duffy - bass
Trance Thompson - background vocals and vocal production
Tim Brown - background vocals
Joe Bagale - keys, percussion
Adam Theis - horns

Produced by Jesse Brewster and Joe Bagale
Recorded remotely all over California
Engineered by each player
Mixed by Joe Bagale
Additional engineering by Joe Bagale
Mastered by Justin Weiss at Trakworx



all rights reserved


Jesse Brewster San Francisco

Coming off the critical success of his last album,Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall, San Francisco singer-songwriter/ guitarist Jesse Brewster is taking a different approach this time: one single per month for 12 months, leading to the release of his new album.
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  • Aug 19
    San Rafael, CA

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