from by Jesse Brewster



Solo acoustic performance about knowing when it’s time to move on


Hey little thing now don’t you weep
I know you got a secret that you wanna to keep
But I’m a pretty good listener or so I been told
So lean in close and let it on out
Angst and pain I know a thing or two about
If you need advice or just an open ear

When the sky turns gray
Always know when to walk away
And when to stay and fight for what you believe
When the time comes you’ll know
Then you’ll pack all your stuff and go
And if you’re looking for an accomplice, consider me

When the sun’s offered up its last rays of light
We can hatch us a plan and hit the road tonight
And outrun our worries like we was Bo and Luke
Doesn’t have to be to Canada or Mexico
We can head up into Oregon or Idaho
And carve us out a little slice of paradise

I think it’s high time you learned
What you leave behind or the bridges you burn
Can’t hold a candle to following your heart
We’ll look fondly back on this time
Running away together was the perfect crime
And one that I would happily repeat

Sometimes the writing on the wall is burning so bright
There’s no room to argue or put up a fight
The hand of fate is forcing you to act
And when you’re good and ready to make that move
Look over your shoulder find me next to you
A ready, willing and able accessory

They’ll all wonder where we’ve gone
And they might judge us for moving on
But I suspect neither of us will give a damn
And the road will twist and turn
But we’ll be staring straight ahead with the lessons we’ve learned
And when and where to put our markers down

So hey little thing now don’t you weep
I know that little secret that you’re trying to keep
And if you looking for an accomplice, consider me


from March of Tracks, released August 26, 2014
Jesse Brewster - vocals and acoustic guitars

Produced by Jesse Brewster
Recorded and mixed by Gawain Mathews
Mastered by Just Weiss at Trakworx



all rights reserved


Jesse Brewster San Francisco

Coming off the critical success of his last album,Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall, San Francisco singer-songwriter/ guitarist Jesse Brewster is taking a different approach this time: one single per month for 12 months, leading to the release of his new album.
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  • Aug 19
    San Rafael, CA

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